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Sony smart phones are most well loved and great smart phones that most of the people over the world are highly interested to use it as a fashion nowadays. The mobile company launched many of the lovely smart phones that have many applications that are really helpful for the users. The Sony Company has also created the own platform for the mobile users that works in the computer and helps the users to share data from the computer to smart phone easily.

This PC Companion is also a very useful software for all the smart phone users to connect their devices to the computer easily without installing the SUB drivers for the smart phone. Sony PC Companion is specially made for the Sony Xperia smart phones and also it is used to update your Xperia with the latest Android system through the use of the computer Companion.

Sony PC Companion is mostly famous and working for the Xperia users and they found it very simple to connect their device to the computer. Here are some of the features of the PC tool that you will like a lot.

Download for Windows – Download for Mac

Features of the Sony PC Companion

  1. Transfer Contents from iphone or blackberry to Xperia: This feature in the software allow the users to transfer the data from the computer from an old smart phone to the Xperia and also from the iphone and blackberry to your device and transfer contents from the computer.
  2. Transfer Contacts: This computer Suite tool allows the users of the Xperia Smart phone to copy or move the personal contacts from an old device to a new smart phone to the device memory or SD card.
  3. Purchase Media and shows: for the first time the Sony PC tool has built a unique system in the software where you can transfer photos, music and videos from the computer to the smart phone and also you can easily purchase the music and shows through Xperia very easily.
  4. Update smart phone: the Sony Companion allows the Xperia users to get all of the updates of the Android firmware. The users of the Xperia will just connect the mobile with the software and easily update the android version of the smart phone in easy step.
  5. Sony PC tool is now available for the windows users and MAC users as well and the users can easily download the software from the internet.

Important Note

  • Keep in mind that this PC Companion is software that doesn’t allow sync feature for the smart phones and without this you can easily transfer the files and also connect the Xperia smart phone to your computer.
  • The PC Companion tool allows the users to connect their smart phone with the computer without data cable or by the use of the Wi-Fi and it can only work for the Xperia smart phones.
  • All of the users that are interested to use Media Go they will first install it manually from the software of computer Companion and then they can have fun with all the latest features of the Sony PC Companion.
  • The PC Companion tool is new software built for the Xperia users and it will enhance their features and quality in upcoming versions of the Sony computer Companion.
  • The Sony PC Companion also need to have the USB Drivers of the Xperia smart phones installed in the computer to connect your device via data cable to the PC Companion software.

The Sony computer Companion software is the best software that helps the users of the Xperia users and provides the best connectivity to the users and to provide a good service to the users of the Xperia smart phones. We hope you will enjoy this a lot.

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