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The JUZZ IOT home guide was released in October’ 2017 and is very useful. It is the advanced type of home guide of this era; many people are using it and giving it good reviews because it comes handy. The JUZZ IOT Home Guide stands for ‘’Internet of Things’’ which means it is capable of doing most of the work by itself.

For example: The JUZZ IOT home guide will help you in the kitchen appliances, now you don’t have to lift the cap of the cooking pan to check whether the food is cooking with stable heat or not. The home guide can do this for you, it automatically sets the temperature according to the heat that the food needs.

To download this android application just visit this link > The JUZZ IOT Home Guide App

Features of JUZZ IOT Home Guide

1: Real Time Cooking:

The days when we had to lift the caps of the cooker or pans to check the food that it is getting the right amount of heat or not and to check weather is burnt are now in the past because these IOT which stands for Internet of things have helped us a lot. This is a futuristic type of thing which allows us to be calm and be patient while the food cooks itself, as these home appliances will control the cooking by themselves. We do not have to keep checking it after some time because this device / software can check upon the things itself and has the ability to adjust the time and heat of cooking different things.

2: Dietary control:

There are many days when we did not see our diet plan or forgot about it and kept eating until we feel like we have enjoyed the meal to the limit, when we feel that we have eaten more than our dietary plans, at that time the damage has already been done because now the things we ate are consumed by us with the fat or calories in them. These home appliances help us keep our diet clean. These Smart kitchen tools can give us the clean diet plans that we need, it keeps the record of what is cooking in the oven and keeps the details of meals which we can read that how many calories are there in the food. These are very helpful for our daily lives.

3: Time Saving:

At the end of the day when we are tired, we most of the time totally rely on the delivery service or the restaurants because we avoid cooking which we feel is tiresome because we don’t want to cook as it takes time so we just order or go to the restaurant which also costs us way too much. These appliances are helpful in this way too; we can save time by using these and have the home cooked meal at the end of the day too. These appliances just need a bit of voice commands or actions and these will cook the food themselves, the commands are way too much for them. We do not need to touch the food or to cook it in the pan by ourselves. These ovens cook it themselves. These are very useful in everyday lives because we save the money too which we would spend on the restaurants and if not about the money, you will have the home-cooked meal to at the end of the day which is good for health too than the food from the restaurants.

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1: It encourages the communication between devices.

2: These machines control themselves automatically. They do not need human interaction.


1: The data is transmitted to other products which make us lose the privacy.

2: Safety concerns are also there which are considered in disadvantages because the hacker can change your prescription or the company / manufacturer can send you the product which is not good for your health or to which you are allergic too.

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