How to avail an iPhone at the Lowest Possible Price?

IPhones are costly and there is no point in denying the fact. However, in India, there are many vendors that sell iPhones at a comparatively cheaper rate but the trick is to find the genuine ones. For those who are looking to own an aspirational iPhone, regardless of the model, things are looking better with the recent launch of the iPhone XS and other costly variants. More often than not, the prices of the preceding iPhones drop whenever there is a new launch. Therefore, for those who are willing to let go of the newest iPhone, the older ones are usually up for grabs at lower price points. However, even if the existing iPhone’s lowest prices are looking prohibitive, it is best to opt for pre-owned devices.

Are Pre-Owned Devices Worth Buying?

Customers should not get intimidated by the fact that the concerned device was previously owned by someone else. Firstly, there are many online service providers that connect potential buyers with the sellers; thereby helping customers select the best iPhone on a budget. However, the trick is to identify genuine sellers amidst an unlimited set of choices. That said, owning a used handset can also be tricky as it’s often hard to identify potential flaws by only looking and handling the device for a little while. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct a thorough device checkup before handing cash to the seller.

What about Refurbished Gadgets?

Lately, there has been quite a buzz regarding refurbished iPhones. Needless to say, the refurbished smartphone arena has grown in leaps and bounds courtesy of the entry of some new players. That said, customers prefer purchasing refurbished iPhones from trusted service providers for a host of reasons, including warranties and a substantial drop in prices. While purchasing used devices from sellers are deal that can often go sour, buying refurbished iPhones from reputed firms are the best alternative for those who are looking to avail of iPhone at the lowest prices.

For those who aren’t well versed with refurbished iPhones, these are gadgets that are basically returned back to the seller, precisely online and offline stores, in case of small manufacturing defects. The seller then fixes the flaws and resells the gadget, with warranties and at a slashed price. Basically, refurbished devices are also second-hand but closest to the new ones. Therefore, for someone who is looking to purchase even the most recently launched iPhone, waiting for a defective and then the refurbished model to show up are the best case scenarios. There are so many chances when any mobile gets defects, or damage due to any reason. Many mobiles have cracks in their screens also. Going forward with the option of screen repair services would also be great.  However, buying an iPhone from a trustworthy portal would be fair enough to get all the benefits and a quality product also.

What are the Possible Refurbishment Options for getting an iPhone?

There are certain ground rules which need to be established before laying hands on a refurbished gadget. It is always advisable to opt for a manufacturer-refurbished iPhone as there are chances that the device would be as good as new. For a seller’s refurbished iPhone, it is important to trust the seller and check for online credibility and other forms of validation. Lastly, if a user is planning to purchase a refurbished iPhone from third-party vendors, it is important to check for warranties. Companies like Togofogo are extremely competent when it comes to providing refurbished iPhones at a pretty manageable price point. However, it is still important from a customer’s point to view to abide by certain guidelines before planning to get a refurbished iPhone.

The basic tips include:

  • Checking possible warranties and serviceability as genuine sellers and vendors will always take care of these aspects before putting the devices up for sale.
  • Cross-checking seller reputation by reading reviews and contacting fellow customers
  • Checking for genuine and legitimate payment options
  • Asking for after-sales services as a genuine service provider will be more than willing to offer the same.

Are there other options to get an iPhone at the Lowest Price?

Some sellers or rather vendors import sealed iPhones and sell them after unlocking the gadget using the IMEI number. While the prices are usually on the lower side, there is a risk of IMEI blockage which would then restrict device functionality. Apart from that, some individuals also prefer importing iPhones as prices abroad are on the lower side as compared to the Indian market.

Now when we have enumerated all the available options, it is the refurbished iPhone that needs to be prioritized, if a person is looking to purchase a comparatively newer model without spending a fortune. Refurbished iPhones, if and when purchased from reliable vendors, are as good as the new devices. IPhones are loaded with features and nothing beats owning one that comes at half of the retail price or even less at times.

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