How to Download Spotify Premium APK Free – Latest Update 8.4

Before you download Spotify premium apk you need to know about what is Spotify premium apk and how to work. so, here is a brief introduction to the Spotify premium app. Basically, the Spotify premium app was founded by Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon on 7’th October 2008. it means 09 years ago. Spotify provides digital music services that give you access to billions of free songs to listen and download. it is totally free and does not require a credit card for the free version. spotify can give you two options. one is a free service and the second one is a premium service.

Thousands of Android user and ios user can use Spotify application to listen to their favorite music. Spotify premium plan can cost you only $9.99 for one month. but here I would like to say one thing is if you are a student at that time you cannot effort single penny and you don’t have that much pocket money to buy a premium service. so you can choose free service over there.

But here are some trick about how to download premium apk. it will help you to access premium services without paying any single money. here is step by step introductions.

Step 1: Download the latest Spotify premium APK.

Step 2: click this link to download

Step 3: if you already install Spotify music app then remove it and install the downloaded latest apk at same device. whenever you install this application it will ask for some permission access at that time you need to grant it and click on install. now the application is installing on your device.

Step 4: In the third step you need to register yourself to Spotify. and the best thing is that you do not require a credit card.

Step 5: now check your email you get a confirmation mail from Spotify. verify your account.

Step 6: your account is activated now enjoy the free service.

Here is some important question regarding Spotify application.

After reading this article you know about how to install Spotify Premium APK. here are some question related to Spotify application which will help you for better understanding.

1: Require connectivity for Spotify premium application.

Require connection speed is 384 kbps to enjoy your music. if you are using WIFI then the recommended speed is the same as regular speed. but nowadays standard speed is 512kbps.

2: The Playlist which I made it can be deleted?

No, the playlist that you create and save it into your application it can save automatically and then next time you open your playlist at that time you can check your playlist is still available whenever you uninstall this app.

  1. Is this app a premium version?

Basically,  the starter plan is free subscription, but if you have enough money then you can buy premium subscription from Spotify.

  1. Is this application is legal?

yes, this application is 100% legal. it has all the document and the other details like which song you listen with this application.

  1. How to reset my password, if I forgot it.

yaa, you can reset your password in case if you forgot. you just hit the link which you show in your login page. just write your user id or email over there and you will get a link in your mail. just open that link and change your password over there.

  1. Is this android application.

Yes, This application can work in any smartphone that can run Android operating system.

  1. Minimum Android version required?

The minimum Android version for running this application is version 4.1. the latest android version can get better music listening experience.

  1. Is this application download from Google Play for android Device?

Yes, Definitely you can download Spotify application via Google Play Store. And it is totally free.

So, Spotify premium apk version 8.4 officially announced by Spotify and free to download. in case if you have trouble using Spotify premium apk then you can use Virtual Private Network because as we know Spotify work in some regions only like UK, USA, Canada, Australia at that time you can use some VPN like Hola, Browsec VPN and many other available in the market.

I hope this article can help you a lot kindly share with your friends and family to know about Spotify premium apk. also, Bookmark our post for more awesome tricks and techniques.

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