South Korea Plans for Different Version and 4K Display for Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Mobiles are the best ever used smart phones all around the world and it got the best place in the market by using very latest technology in their smartphones that attracts the people of the world and also provides best connectivity to the people all around the world. Samsung Mobiles has launched many of the best smartphones in the market that are highly adorable and best liked b the people of all ages. The Samsung Mobile Company always tries to come with a different idea to impress the users and to provide best working versions to all of the users.

Nowadays the Company is about to launch their new smart phone Samsung Galaxy S7 and the rumors are talking a lot about the configurations and the changes made in the Samsung galaxy S7 as well as the new features that are added to the new smart phone. Recently the Samsung had launched their latest and most advanced chipset to their family named as Exynos 8890 and this is specially made to boost the performance of the upcoming models of the Samsung Mobiles and it is also expected to have in the Samsung Galaxy S7 that is expected to release in the next year. On other side the rumors said that the smart phone will come under the Samsung Galaxy line up and will come in the next March to May.

Samsung is planning to use any other chipset in their mobile phones to increase the quality and performance of their Samsung Galaxy mobiles. It can also improve the working condition of the device. The latest reports from Samsung Mobiles said that Samsung is trying to have another Exynos 8890 chipset in the upcoming smartphone and this will only be available in South Korea in the Premium of the Smartphone in the Country. The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with the latest 4K technology and display screen along dual-lens camera from Sony.

The latest chipset that is used in the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 will be Exynos 8890 with Mali-T880 that has 12 cores graphic processor that will enhance the power of the smart phone as well as the quality of the graphics are also doubled by the chipset used in the smart phone. In the premium edition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 they will use the Mali-T880 with 14 cores of the processor installed. The reports also said that the Chinese and American versions of the Samsung Galaxy S7 will use any different chipset in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

This chipset family will specially made for the American and Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it will be launched in the market after the official release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 ceremony in the South Korea. The people all around the world are highly waiting for the latest release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and they expect some of the best features and performance added to the new smart phone that will soon be available in the market in the next year and it will also impress the people a lot with the best features and qualities people ever needed to have in a smart phone.

In the latest news reports it is said that the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 is already available in the AT&T that are now testing the features and the qualities of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and they are also checking all the systems located in the smart phone. This report are leaked by a special leaker that AT&T are now checking and testing the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the features of the smart phone as well. So let’s see what they have in the next generation Samsung Galaxy S7.

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