Tips for Improving Cloud Security

Better cloud security benefits us all and helps prevent hacking. Here are some excellent tips for improving your safety online.

1: Ensure your cloud system features strong data security features

The cloud system you use should be designed to utilize encryption controls, antivirus programs, and other security features that protect data. The cloud system and the dedicated servers it uses must also have the right security controls that allow you to ensure that your data moves back and forth without allowing people to break into the data. You could also have a firewall added to your cloud server.

3: Backups should be available

It is important to ensure that your cloud computing system’s backup is checked regularly. You can have your backup set up directly on your cloud computer; however, you might have to have this done manually. When it comes to backing up your data, consider using your personal server or something similar like a secondary cloud server or portable hard drive. There is no guarantee that the cloud computing system you use will have a backup support system, so it is highly likely that this will be up to you to do this.

3: Test your cloud system occasionally

While testing a system may sound like something petty, it can make a major difference. You will need to test the cloud to see how it performs with the security setup. You could hire ethical hackers to test the cloud system to see how well it performs. Ethical hackers are people who are hired to use their hacking skills to identify issues and vulnerabilities within a cloud system and other storage spaces. The hacker then provides recommendations on how to take care of any issues or security concerns. This is one of the best options when it comes to testing a cloud system’s integrity as it goes deep into the system to find some of the most deep-seated problems.

4: Look for redundant storage options

Redundant storage normally involves adding extra internal drives to store more data, often more than what you really need. This helps keep data duplicated as much and as often as possible. Doing this makes it harder for your data to get stolen or broken into. Here are some of the many risks we all face according to Barclay Simpson.

5: Allow your cloud system to use as many data access permissions and accounts as possible

If all the data store in your cloud computing system were accessible to all people within your business, then it’d be rather easy for it to be stolen or distributed. As such, it is advisable that you set up your system to work with several data access accounts at a go. These include individual accounts with their own personalized sets of permissions. Working with multiple accounts will mean that many bits of data are protected since you will have only a select number of people being able to access certain parts of your information. This, in turn, will protect your cloud system setup.

Never make the assumption that your cloud system will always be safe. Always take the time to see that it’s meeting the right standards to ensure your data stays safe. By doing this, you will prevent your data and information from potential losses and breaches in the future and that it is still accessible in various spaces.

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