Tips to improve Battery Life in OnePlus One using CM12S Rom

In this post you will learn that How to improve Battery Life in OnePlus One using CM12S Rom, so guys read it.

Nowadays the usages of the Android devices are highly increased and the people all around the world are using many of the latest applications and games using their Android phones. On the side the users always complain about the battery life of the Android devices that can’t go longer and work for a short time and this is the main defect in the latest Android devices.

To make this fact clear recently One Plus One launched the latest system and a new official CM12S for their users to make their phone battery work for long time. All of the Android users are updated with the latest versions of the Android Software but after they update they are not happy with the battery life of the phones and they also tell that Google Play services are the main key of this battery usage in the devices and it takes much charge.

So here we provide some of the useful tips to all of the one plus one Android device users to make their battery life go longer and work for long times. All these tricks are very simple and easy that anyone can use and also they can enjoy the longtime battery life.

Tips of improving Battery Life through CM12S

  • First of All flash your OnePlus One device and install the New Room and wipe all the device and then update ROM
  • Restore all of your data using Google backup in the phone
  • Then install an app named System App Remover and delete all unused application from you device.
  • Then Turn off Wake Up and Keep Awake option of the Google Play Services from the Setting menu.
  • Go to Wi-Fi advanced settings and Turn off Scanning of the OnePlus One device.
  • Close the Wi-Fi option and changed it to option when plugged in.
  • Turn off the Ambient display of the OnePlus One device
  • Only use Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth of mobile data at one time.
  • Turn off All Gesture in the setting menu
  • Don’t use Facebook messenger it is using much charge only use it when needed
  • Use Opera mini Browser for internet use and avoid Chrome.

Once you avoid all these tips your OnePlus One battery life will automatically increased and you will enjoy the longtime battery life as well. We hope that all of the users will like and also leave your comments below in the box.

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